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Introducing the RN Stay-Well App!
Keeping Nurses Healthy, Happy, and Engaged in their Careers

RN Stay-Well is the Breakthru application that solves RN turnover—engineered to solicit real-time feedback from Registered Nurses while sharing insights and support. Research shows that RNs leave the job due to a variety of reasons in addition to competitive pay and benefits. The RN stay-Well App is a simple solution for Healthcare Organizations to obtain data while sharing resources and support. A healthy work environment is critical to RN retention. Let’s face it: RN turnover costs close to $50K per Nurse, and turnover rates have soared to 27%. For every 100 RNs, 27 will leave, costing the organization $1.35 million per 100 RNs. Compounding this figure with inflated agency rates and backfilling open positions with high bonuses, the RN Stay-Well App is worth Millions of dollars to your organization.

Best practice in RN retention includes asking nurses for feedback and using exit interviews. Nurses need a safe environment to raise concerns and bring forth appropriate questions. The goal is to create a culture where staff can raise safety questions and concerns without fear of punishment. Feedback provides the understanding leaders need to make impactful change. This Application aims to provide trends in the data worth investigating at the organizational level. Exit interviews provide data as to why a nurse is leaving. Unfortunately, exit interviews are after the decision. While exit interviews are best practice, the researcher believes that real-time feedback and a culture of frequent feedback sharing allow leaders to be in front of a nurse's desire to quit versus reacting after a nurse leaves.

Here are the Basics:

  1. The RN is prompted to answer key questions immediately after their shift. 
  2. The RN receives references of support based on their answer.
  3. Data is stored in a central Dashboard for organizational administrators to view.

The RN Stay-Well App has two real benefits. First, the app allows the RN to feel heard, share their triumphs and pains, and get a sense of appreciation that “someone” is listening. Your retention rates can increase when organizational leaders respond to data and conditions improve! Second, organizational leaders have access to real-time data and themes they can focus on while updating additional support into the app for real-time communication with the RNs. 

RN Support

The RN has the opportunity to share their latest shift experience. To prevent survey fatigue, Nurses have the option to answer , skip, or end the survey anytime.

RN Support

If the RN selects an answer that demonstrates a pain point, such as a very bad shift, they are directed to support resources.

Administrative Dashboard

The dashboard provides data trends for administrator awareness and strategizing retention plans.

The RN Stay Well Application is in Beta Development and Not available to the market. Please fill out the form below to be placed on our pre-order list. We will reach out as soon as the App is available.

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Introducing $STW the Goverance Token For Rn-Staywell

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Introducing John Green, DHA, MSN, RN:  Founder of RN Stay Well
John Green, DHA, MSN, RN, is a highly respected healthcare professional and visionary leader in the field of nursing. With his extensive experience and deep passion for improving the well-being of nurses, he has established RN Stay Well, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting self-care, resilience, and overall wellness among nursing professionals.
As a dedicated nurse, John understands the challenges and demands that healthcare workers face on a daily basis. Throughout his career, he has witnessed firsthand the toll that long hours, high-stress environments, and the emotional demands of caregiving can take on nurses' physical and mental health. Motivated by a desire to make a positive change, John founded RN Stay Well to empower nurses to prioritize their own well-being, enabling them to continue delivering exceptional care to their patients.
At the core of RN Stay Well is John's belief in the importance of self-care. Through his comprehensive programs and resources, he encourages nurses to practice self-compassion, mindfulness, and stress management techniques. By addressing the unique needs of nursing professionals, John provides them with practical tools and strategies to enhance their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
As an accomplished healthcare leader, John holds a Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) degree, a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, and is a registered nurse (RN). His educational background, combined with his vast experience in nursing and healthcare management, has equipped him with a profound understanding of the complex dynamics within the nursing profession.
To learn more about John Green and his transformative work through RN Stay Well, I invite you to visit his main website at JohnGreen.Pro. There, you will find valuable resources, articles, and programs designed to support nurses in their journey towards holistic well-being.
You can also connect with John on his LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-johngreen/.
By following his profile, you will gain access to his insightful posts, updates, and opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals in the nursing community.
John Green's dedication to improving the lives of nurses and advocating for their well-being is an inspiration to us all. Through his visionary leadership and tireless efforts, he continues to make a significant impact on the nursing profession, reminding us of the vital importance of self-care and resilience.
Visit [website URL] and connect with John on LinkedIn today to join the movement towards a healthier and more fulfilled nursing community.

John Green offers healthcare executive coaching @ Getting You There Coaching