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Introducing the RN Stay-Well App!
Keeping Nurses Healthy, Happy, and Engaged in their Careers

RN Stay-Well is the Breakthru application that solves RN turnover—engineered to solicit real-time feedback from Registered Nurses while sharing insights and support. Research shows that RNs leave the job due to a variety of reasons in addition to competitive pay and benefits. The RN stay-Well App is a simple solution for Healthcare Organizations to obtain data while sharing resources and support. A healthy work environment is critical to RN retention. Let’s face it: RN turnover costs close to $50K per Nurse, and turnover rates have soared to 27%. For every 100 RNs, 27 will leave, costing the organization $1.35 million per 100 RNs. Compounding this figure with inflated agency rates and backfilling open positions with high bonuses, the RN Stay-Well App is worth Millions of dollars to your organization.

Best practice in RN retention includes asking nurses for feedback and using exit interviews. Nurses need a safe environment to raise concerns and bring forth appropriate questions. The goal is to create a culture where staff can raise safety questions and concerns without fear of punishment. Feedback provides the understanding leaders need to make impactful change. This Application aims to provide trends in the data worth investigating at the organizational level. Exit interviews provide data as to why a nurse is leaving. Unfortunately, exit interviews are after the decision. While exit interviews are best practice, the researcher believes that real-time feedback and a culture of frequent feedback sharing allow leaders to be in front of a nurse's desire to quit versus reacting after a nurse leaves.

Here are the Basics:

  1. The RN is prompted to answer key questions immediately after their shift. 
  2. The RN receives references of support based on their answer.
  3. Data is stored in a central Dashboard for organizational administrators to view.

The RN Stay-Well App has two real benefits. First, the app allows the RN to feel heard, share their triumphs and pains, and get a sense of appreciation that “someone” is listening. Your retention rates can increase when organizational leaders respond to data and conditions improve! Second, organizational leaders have access to real-time data and themes they can focus on while updating additional support into the app for real-time communication with the RNs.